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Below are some recipes for stuff I've made (at least once). All are tasty, many use hot peppers or pepper product(s), and I'm not dead yet.  Anyway, click on the link to get to the recipes I've added. I have several hundred on little hand-written notes and word processor documents and in memory that I'm adding when I get around to it. Here's what I've added so far.

The recipe section is slowly being updated.  Each recipe will have its own link,  which should happen between now and when that big-ass asteroid hits us.

To peruse my hot sauce collection,  with phone numbers,  addresses,  and links (where available) for hot sauces you can purchase from someone else,  click here.


Some Internet Sources


  • Good sources for recipes on the Web are Epicurious (Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines) and Food and Wine Magazine,  both with searchable databases for ingredients. 
  • I heartily recommend Penzey’s for spice mail ordering.  Fantastic quality,  and very low prices—in bulk or by the jar,  better quality and lower price than the best spices in your grocery store.
  • Other food or cooking sources:
    • Firegirl for hot sauces and condiments—my favorite hot foods source of them all.  I always check here first.
    • good selection,  good prices,  and excellent customer service.
    • ditto on selection,  prices,  and service,  this site has a fantastic selection of cheeses.
    • King Arthur Baker’s Catalog: great selection of flour,  grains,  ingredients,  cooking equipment,  etc.
    • Dean and Deluca for gourmet ingredients.  Expensive,  but has some unique items.  It has much less these days than it did a year ago.
    • for kitchen supplies.  Cookware,  cutlery,  and doodads.


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Here's what I think is in each page as of the
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Vegetable Dishes

Seafood Dishes

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Sauces,  Salsas,  and Other Accoutrements

Other Recipes—Miscellaneous

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