Buck Atmore: Local Preacher and Proselytizer

Many of you are probably familiar with Chuck Baldwin,  local Pensacola celebrity,  reverend and right-winger,  bastion of all that is good and moral--sort of our version of a low-rent Rush Limbaugh.  Chuck is rabidly,  vehemently,  and unapologetically a right-wing fundamentalist vociferous pundit,  weighing in via his web pages,  e-mail editorials,  radio show,  and sermons with all manner of diatribes anti-liberal and pro-paranoid.  Chuck is a local fixture,  both as a banner bearer for the religious right and as an object of chagrin and ridicule for people who can actually think for themselves.  If you are not familiar with Chuck Baldwin,  visit his site.

Less familiar to many of you is Buck Atmore,  right-winger,  pundit,  preacher, and purveyor of various odd beliefs via his "radio show" and "editorial service" under the aegis of Buck Atmore Ministries (BAM).  Fate has decreed that Buck has less visibility and name recognition than Chuck Baldwin,  though I think you might find the two quite similar. 

I have attempted to remedy this horrendous inequality of right-wing pundits--Buck is surely as much a voice of moral reason and rationality as Chuck,  and I think Buck speaks to all of us in his editorials.